REVIEW: Graveyard hits Bowery Ballroom in NYC

Originally published on 2-10-16

Graveyard – the Swedish rockers whose original New York City date was postponed when Mother Nature dumped 2+ feet of snow on NYC – finally rolled into The Bowery Ballroom on Monday, 2/8. Graveyard bill themselves as “classic rock with a modern roll”, and together with support from fellow Swedes Spiders, put on their rendition of a 1970’s rock show in front of a solid crowd despite another round of snow.

I’d be remiss if I didn’t talk about Spiders, the Gothenburg-based openers who set the tone for the night. As I wrote in another review, I am a fan of most things female-fronted, and that didn’t change with Spiders. Female vocals on good, hard, classic rock songs are always a nice change of pace, and helped sell the band as both edgy and innovative with a fun vibe on top of it all.

After a quick set change, Graveyard came on a few minutes early to rock a now almost full Bowery Ballroom with songs like Randy, Exit 97 and Cause & Defect, just to name a few. When I think classic rock, I think Page, Plant, Hendrix, Springsteen etc. Sweden is never the first place that jumps to mind when thinking about classic rock, especially when most of what comes out of Europe today is symphonic metal, but Graveyard put a fresh, European take on an otherwise American genre that is dying by the day, and left me with some hope for the future of rock in an age where my idols are losing battles to Father Time in rapid succession.

I once heard Graveyard’s new age take on classic rock referred to as a “modern day Led Zeppelin”, and I was hearing it by the time the snow sent me to the exit.. They’re definitely a band that takes some getting into, being unfamiliar with most of their tracks when I arrived at the venue, but as I was right up against the stage to shoot the first few songs, I found myself putting my camera down and rocking right along with the band after a while.

Classic rock with a modern roll. That’s about as perfect a description as anyone could come up with for Graveyard.

Check out our photos below. All photos by Sean Murphy.