REVIEW: Cradle of Filth at Webster Hall

Originally published 3/10/16

Cradle of Filth brought their Inquisitional Torture tour to New York’s Webster Hall last Tuesday, completing their run with Butcher Babies and NE Obliviscaris in support of their 2015 studio album, Hammer of Witches. Closing night of their US tour brought with it a packed house in The Grand Ballroom, crowd surfers galore and high energy performances from all 3 bands, with an exceptional performance from the night’s main attraction.

Now, I’d never heard of NE Obliviscaris, the Melbourne-based prog metal band who opened the show. They’re a bit of a unique act for a metal band, incorporating violins with the growlies we usually see in prog metal. They’re an interesting and solid act with a performance worth seeing, and set the tone for the night by warming up the crowd for Butcher Babies. Speaking of Butcher Babies, could these ladies possibly jump around the stage any more than they do? Heidi and Carla have more energy than most performers I’ve seen live, male or female, and though I’m not a fan of the growlies, they do put on an entertaining show, towards the end of which Carla jumped into the crowd and made that her home for the rest of the set. I’d like to catch them on a headline tour just so I can watch them perform a longer set.

That brings me to Cradle of Filth and the reason for even being there. Now, I’ll say that I only know a few Cradle songs, one of which is English Fire, and only learned of them when they made an appearance on Viva La Bam eons ago. Never did I think I’d be at a Cradle of Filth show, much less reviewing one. But there I was, in a jam-packed Webster Hall on a Tuesday night, watching the British goth metallers pump out song after song during a 14-song set that included three of my favorites back to back, with Nymphetamine, Her Ghost in the Fog and From The Cradle to Enslave coming during the 5-song encore.

Dani Filth and relative newcomer Marek ‘Ashok’ Šmerda are an absolute blast to watch live, and I’d love to see them again. There’s so much energy in their show that you can’t help but be pulled in by it, as the sold out crowd displayed time and time as they surfed their way over the barricade. Cradle of Filth are an excellent live act worthy of the support their fans showed last Tuesday, and they’ll definitely have me looking for more next time around.

Check out our photo gallery below. Photos by Sean Murphy: