REVIEW: 3 Doors Down – Us And The Night

Originally published 3/10/16

3 Doors Down, the Mississippi-based rockers who rose to fame on the heels of Kryptonite, are back on the scene with their upcoming album, Us And The Night, set to be released on Friday. We got an early listen, and the band’s latest effort is every bit as good as previous albums, mixing elements from each of their previous releases to compile another solid studio effort to add to their resumé.

Us And The Night opens with The Broken, a short but catchy and very good opening track that pulls you into the album, with its classic 3 Doors Down sound, closely resembling the title track of their last album, Time of my Life. Not that there’s anything wrong with that, I personally loved Time of my Life, and The Broken is a fresh take on a similar sound that the band has become known for over the years.

As we get into the meat of the album, the halfway mark introduces us to Inside of Me, a track I’d relate closely to Be Somebody from the band’s 2005 release, Seventeen Days. Not really a hard rock song, but not really a ballad, Inside of Me falls somewhere in between, continuing a trend we’ve seen from 3DD in recent years, as they’ve found a sound that isn’t quite the same as Be Like That, but separates the heavier rock from their softer side without crossing into pop.

Two tracks later, we get Pieces of Me, a similar such song that I would relate more closely to Landing In London, but also brings back memories of Be Like That from the band’s debut album, The Better Life as an underrated song that is actually very good – Be Like That didn’t get the recognition it deserved until it appeared at the end of 2001’s American Pie 2.

The album’s title track, Us And The Night¸ finds itself at the end of the album, which speaks volumes to the quality of the content in between. Us And The Night is easily my favorite song on the album behind The Broken, with a sound all its own that I couldn’t equate to anything the band has done before.

The album’s final track, Fall From The Moon instantly reminds me of Away From The Sun’s title track as a solid, emotional ballad that shows Brad Arnold’s range and his ability to transition from hard rock right into something a little smoother, bridging genres and pulling in an audience that maybe isn’t into the harder stuff.

The guys in 3 Doors Down have been at this for a long time, and while they’ve undergone lineup changes over the year, the one constant has always been Arnold’s voice, there to greet listeners on every track for two decades now, and the band is proving once again why it has survived over 20 years even though their sound has changed a bit as the members change. As I get older I find that bands I grew up listening to change with the times, but Us And The Night is a welcome, familiar sound from a band I always look forward to hearing more from, and delivers on everything I’ve come to expect from 3 Doors Down over the years.

Track List:

1. The Broken
2. In The Dark
3. Still Alive
4. Believe It
5. Living In Your Hell
6. Inside Of Me
7. I Don’t Wanna Know
8. Pieces of Me
9. Love Is A Lie
10. Us And The Night
11. Fell From The Moon