ALBUM REVIEW: 10 Years – As Ghosts

Alternative metal band 10 Years returned on Friday with the release of their 8th studio album, titled (How to Live) As Ghosts, the follow-up to 2015’s Birth to Burial, which was intended to be the band’s final album at the time. Since the release of that album, the band reunited with Brian Vodinh and Matt Wantland to essentially reform the band’s original lineup with the slight change of Brian moving to guitar only and the addition of Kyle Mayer to fill the then-vacant jumpseat on drums, and the band returned to the studio to continue recording music. The resulting album became (How to Live) As Ghosts and may very well be the group’s best effort yet.

The album offers up 11 tracks of alt metal/alt rock awesomeness right off the rip with the opening track The Messenger and that continues straight through the closing song Insomnia as the newly reformed 10 Years return to their roots and make music the way they did so many years ago, with killer songwriting that hits you in the face right from jump street and riffs that flow perfectly with Jesse Hasek’s vocals. This is ever-apparent on Burnout, which we thought was the album’s best track just 3 songs in, and two full listens, it still is. Catacombs gave it a run for its proverbial money, but Burnout still wins in this writer’s opinion.

The album’s (almost) title track, Ghosts, is also worth a mention and we’d be leaving something out if we didn’t touch on it, as well as Phantoms and Vampires (suddenly there’s a Halloween theme to this) , all of which are great songs in their own right and truly deliver on what 10 Years had been known for in the earlier days before the split with Brian and Matt. The elements both members brought to the band were noticeably absent in recent years, and it’s great to have both back in the fold for (How to Live) As Ghosts10 Years has drawn many a comparison to Chevelle, who we think are much closer to Tool than 10 Years in terms of sound and vocal style, while 10 Years is something very different.

Try as we might to find a similar band – maybe we could compare them to early AFI, but that’s reaching – 10 Years stands on their own as something unique in a genre where everything sounds alike. (How to Live) As Ghosts brings the classic 10 Years sound while still separating the band from every other in the alt metal space, with the result being unmatched sound paired with melodic vocals and songwriting that just flow together, leaving us with a sound like no other and 10 Years‘ best album yet.