ALBUM REVIEW: From Ashes To New – Day One

Originally published 2/29/16

Nu metal group From Ashes To New released their Better Noise Records debut album, Day One, on Friday. We got an early listen thanks to the fine people at Eleven Seven, who were nice enough to advance us a copy for review. Hailing from the heart of Amish Country in Lancaster, PA, From Ashes To New mixes elements of hip hop and metal to produce a sound that immediately evokes memories of early Linkin Park material, with Matt Brandyberry and Chris Musser combining to form a Chester Bennington/Mike Shinoda-like combination of metal screams and hip hop lyrics that instantly announce From Ashes To New as a versatile powerhouse in the metal business.

Of course, the comparison to Linkin Park probably told you these guys are going to be a great band for a long time, with LP plying their trade since 1998, but you don’t really understand the magnitude of just how good this band is until you listen to the entire album. From the opening salvo on Land of Make Believe all the way through You Only Die Once, I struggle to find fault in any track on Day One, and that speaks volumes to the band’s immense talent. Usually, when I hear new music, there’s at least a song or two that feels like a filler, thrown in to extend the album and not really very good. That simply is not the case here, as every track sounds like a lot of time and effort were put in to make Day One the best album it could possibly be.

Among all the solid tracks on Day One, if I had to pick a winner, I’d go with Farther From Home. This song reminded me immediately of Dead By Sunrise, the short-lived love child of Chester Bennington that could have been great if not for the monster that is Linkin Park. From Ashes To New has a chance to be one of the greatest Nu Metal/Rap Metal bands we’ve seen in a long time, and Day One is a solid first effort with Better Noise Records.

These guys are going to be around for a very long time if they keep producing music like this, and their soon-to-start tour with Escape The Fate and HELLYEAH is just the beginning of the great things to come for From Ashes To New. Do yourself a favor and go buy Day One.  Yesterday.


Track List:

1) Land Of Make Believe
2) Further From Home
3) Lost And Alone
4) Shadows
5) Through It All
6) Face The Day
7) Downfall
8) Breaking Now
9) Every Second
10) Same Old Story
11) You Only Die Once