ALBUM REVIEW: Pound of Flesh – “Refills”

Pound of Flesh, purveyors of all things electro-dance-rock, recently released their “Refills” EP, which is a remix of their 2014 studio effort, “Pills”. As someone who is a huge metal head, I usually cringe when I hear the word “remix”, mostly because it’s often associated with the likes of Justin Bieber or Diplo, and not a sort-of rock band who once released a 2010 track titled “Go F___ Yourself”. My first thought upon listening to “Army of Me” for the first time was “this sounds like Marilyn Manson on dubstep”, and that’s not necessarily a bad thing. Let’s get one thing straight right off the bat, Marilyn Manson is awesome. Marilyn Manson remixed to dubstep can’t possibly be bad.

Pound of Flesh’s Refills EP is not a bad remix by any stretch of the definition, it’s just not what I was expecting after familiarizing myself with “Pills” prior to writing this review. From the opening track, Army of Me, it sounded like something I’d expect to hear in any New York nightclub that happened to be taken over by an army of goth kids, and not the electro-alt-rock I heard on Pound of Flesh’s first three studio efforts.

That trend continued through the EP, and again, while it’s not a bad thing, Pills remains a better release purely for it’s simplicity. Refills is too….electronic, for this writer’s tastes. Pills was straight up electro-rock, something I’m generally not a fan of, but it was good electro-rock that garnered a place on my playlist. That said, my only real gripe with Refills comes down to personal taste. This is club music on steroids, and it definitely has its audience.

I can say that if I walked into a club and heard “Live Fast” pumping, I’d be pretty happy, but when it’s all said and done this EP is what it is – an edgy, risk-taking effort to hold fans over until their next release. However, “Pills” did not need to be refilled, and given the choice, this writer would reach for Pills every time. “Refills” is a solid release that does a nice job breaking from the band’s previous releases, but it was also unnecessary.

I would have preferred Pound of Flesh try this with new music and this particular sound in mind, rather than remixing tracks that did not need to be remixed. 3 stars (out of 5) for “Refills”, mostly because of the risk Pound of Flesh took, but I’d have rated it higher had this been an EP full of new recordings. Here’s hoping they have something new in the pipeline.