REVIEW: All That Remains & Co. Rock Gramercy Theater

Originally Published December 16, 2015

All That Remains rocked an intimate crowd at Gramercy Theatre Monday night, thanks in part to support from Sons of Texas, Audiotopsy and Devour The Day.

I’d never heard of Sons of Texas, but they got the still-filing-in crowd going with a short but solid, high energy set that I actually stayed to watch in the mosh pit rather than heading downstairs with the other photographers after our 3 songs were up. Audiotopsy came out next and while I was also unfamiliar with them going in, they were definitely fun to watch and had enough energy to keep the vibe going as the crowd continued to pile in. Devour The Day followed this. I was actually excited to see being that Blake (the lead vocalist) and Joey (guitar) were previously in Egypt Central, who I never did get to see live.

By this time, the crowd was as big as it was going to get in a 500-capacity venue on a rainy night, and most were already clamoring for ATR, but Devour The Day delivered a heart-stopping set that left the crowd wanting more. By the time my 3 songs were up and I found my way back to my (now terrified) friends in the crowd, the mosh pit was so intense I actually had to watch most of the rest of their set from the GA seating behind the soundboard. Devour’s set ended with Blake jumping into the crowd and being carried by the fans at one point while still singing, which made for a cool moment before leaving the stage to make way for the main attraction.

30 minutes and half a nap later, we were back upstairs for All That Remains and the crowd was having a fit by the time the curtain came up. Chants of “ATR! ATR!” could be heard coming from the soundboard area. I finished my 3 songs and went back to sit down and just be a fan. That lasted about 2 songs because the energy level was through the roof and there was no justification for sitting down even after being on my feet for the better part of 5 hours. ATR closed with their most popular song, the one even the most casual fan knows – Two Weeks, and had the crowd of 300 or so in a frenzy by the time it was all said and done. I made my way to the door halfway through the song to position myself both as close to the exit as possible to beat the rush, and safely (or so I thought) away from the mosh pit that still managed to find its way to me with bodies being thrashed around even in the seats behind me during the closing song.

Normally I hate GA pit shows and try to avoid them as much as possible or find a seat when available, but this one was fun and the smaller-than-capacity crowd made it feel like a full house with their in-your-face energy for Devour The Day and All That Remains. This was the kind of pit show I can get into and enjoy from the mosh pit, even with the tools of my trade strapped to my back and my friends freaking out around me. The kind of show that makes you even more of a fan of the band than you were going in, and leaves you with no choice but to want to come back for more. Solid job, All That Remains, very solid job.

Photos by Sean Murphy