REVIEW: Attila “Abducts” New York

Attila is awesome. Can I just stop right there, upload photos and call it a day? No? Okay.

The Georgia-based metalcore foursome (okay, technically they’re a threesome with a touring drumer) hit up NYC’s Irving Plaza on Friday night on their Let’s Get Abducted” tour and departed in short order – an hour after taking the stage – leaving what some might call a beautiful disaster in their wake. It happens that I’ve never really liked metalcore, and I like crowd surfers kicking me in the back of the head in the photo pit even less, but I make exceptions from time to time and risk my now-on-the-wrong-side-of-30 body for the sake of art. So I went out on this cold and windy Friday night, in search of warmth, music, and madness. I found the latter two – seriously, does Irving Plaza not have heat? – and could not have come away any happier about my decision to go to a metalcore show.

Attila’s been at this a while, so they’ve pretty well perfected their stage presence for a metalcore band, and their show goes off without a hitch – they even brought two dudes up on stage right before Payback to have them scream the song with the band, which, not gonna lie, was fucking awesome to watch. The only thing lacking was the obligatory metalcore stage dive, but there was certainly no shortage of crowd surfing – my shoulder still hurts from the rather large dude who was dropped on me in the pit – and moshing. In fact, there was so much moshing going on and it was so much fun to watch, and I actually wandered in with my camera and tried to get a few shots of the pit before the lighting changed. I was too slow.

Anyway, I’m digressing a little, and if you’re reading this you probably want to know at least some of the set list. Fine. Attila played a total of 14 songs, which makes it one of the shortest headline sets I’ve ever seen, but that’s fine when it’s a good show. Their set kicked off with, naturally, Let’s Get Abducted and ended with the two-song encore of Public Apology and Proving Grounds, and in between featured Party With The DevilMoshpit (duh), Middle Fingers UpRageUnforgivable and Ignite, along with a few others that you can read about at the bottom.

But, what’s more important than what Attila plays is how they play it. And that’s with high energy, non-stop screaming, headbanging, jumping around and, well, lots of cursing in between songs. It’s hard to tell when Irving Plaza is sold out, but a show like this doesn’t need to be sold out to have a great time. All Attila needed to do was put on a good show and have crazy fans doing crazy things, and that’s exactly what happened. I can’t remember the last time I enjoyed a metalcore show as much as I enjoyed Attila, and that says something. I usually avoid these kinds of shows like I avoid my ex-girlfriend, but I’d go back to see Attila again, no question. Maybe they’ll be my “gateway drug” into the world of metalcore? Nah, it’s never gonna be my scene, but I’ll definitely be seeing Attila again.

Check out the gallery after the full setlist.

Let’s Get Abducted


Party With the Devil


Middle Fingers Up

Shots for the Boys






About That Life


Public Apology

Proving Grounds

Attila live at Irving Plaza, NYC

Photos & review by Sean Murphy