UPDATED: Austin Carlisle Announces Departure From Of Mice & Men; Band Releases Statement

UPDATE 10:20PM – Of Mice & Men have released a statement regarding Austin Carlisle’s departure, quoted below:

“It’s with heavy hearts that we announce Austin’s departure from the band for reasons pertaining to his health. As many of you are aware, Austin suffers from a rare connective tissue disorder called Marfan syndrome & has been struggling with the physical demands of touring since the band began. After his most recent series of surgeries at Stanford University Hospital, following the cancellation of our European headlining tour, his team of doctors informed him of the damage that performing, & more specifically his aggressive vocals, have been causing his body. They warned that if he were to continue on doing so, it would cause permanent & irrevocable damage to his spine & nervous system. Following the advice from his team of specialists, Austin decided it best that he step away from the band & change his lifestyle to better his health. Though we’re heartbroken that he can no longer continue, his health has always been of utmost importance to us & we support him now in this decision & are proud of his perseverance over the years. We’ve had an amazing & unforgettable past few years making music & touring the world together & the 4 of us look forward to sharing the next chapter of the band’s story with you. All previously announced shows will proceed as planned & we thank you for your continued love & support. We couldn’t do this without all of you! See you real soon. -Aaron, Alan, Phil & Valentino”

Original story: We’ve got some pretty big, and pretty sad, news to report. Word just came out that Of Mice & Men frontman Austin Carlisle is leaving the band, effective immediately. The rest of the band, Aaron Pauley, Alan Ashby, Phil Manansala and Valentino Arteaga, will continue as a four-piece. So Carlisle won’t be replaced, at least not right away. That, of course, leaves open the possibility that he can return once he’s healthy enough to tour.

Carlisle had this to say on Twitter: “The band will now still continue on just the four of them, and I wish them the best of luck without me heading into 2017. I will be here in Costa Rica, where I have now moved, continuing to heal, rest, and write. I will not stop playing music, I am still able to sing and I’m hungry for what is next to come even though I have no idea what that may be.”

Austin Carlisle, as many may or may not be aware, battles Marfan Syndrome, which is a rare connective tissue disorder that affects his day to day life and has resulted in several surgeries and Of Mice & Men canceling their Australian and European tour dates as Carlisle continued his recovery from his most recent surgery.

Carlile responded to the cancellation with a message regarding his health issues via Instagram:

“As most of you know I battle daily with a rare fibrostic connective tissue disorder called Marfan syndrome. Due to recent issues arising from this, we have cancelled the remainder of our European tour. It breaks my heart but the band & myself have decided it was unsafe for me to continue on in this state of health… Please do not worry for me, there are multiple things more important happening in the world right now. Besides, God has a plan, all of this is in His hands at the end of the day and I’m ready for whatever comes next. – AC”

This outcome is unexpected if not surprising. Everyone in the industry was aware of Carlisle’s heath issues and the cancellation of their tour dates, and while it doesn’t come as a shock that he’s leaving the band so that they can continue to make music without him, the timing is unexpected as it was largely assumed the band’s plans for 2017 would include him on vocals. We had an opportunity to cover Of Mice & Men this past summer while the band was on tour with Marilyn Manson and SlipknotYou can read that review and check out our photo gallery here.

And, for posterity, here are two of our favorite shots of Austin Carlisle from that show. We wish Austin the best in both his recovery and his future musical endeavors, and we hope to see him back on stage somewhere in the future.