REVIEW: Band of Skulls Bring Brit-Rock to NYC

Band of Skulls, the English rockers with a cult following on the other side of the pond, brought their brand of British rock to New York’s Terminal 5 on Thursday night, where a very British crowd had filed in to see their countrymen perform. This was both my first time seeing Band of Skulls as well as my first time at Terminal 5, so I had no idea what to expect from both the band and the venue. And while the venue leaves much to be desired, the band certainly did not. When it was all said and done, the band belted out 20 songs and seemed to play forever, leaving it all on stage for the fans who came to see them.

The band kicked it all off with In Love By Default from their most recent album, By Default, and immediately followed it up with Light of the Morning and Himalayan. Those were the 3 songs that I got to be in the photo pit for, and then I was able to settle in and enjoy the show. Once I was able to kick back and take it all in, I was treated to a few songs I knew, and some with weird names I had never heard before. Songs like You Aren’t Pretty But You Got It Going OnI Feel Like Ten Men, Nine Dead and One Dying and Death By Diamonds and Pearls.

Among the rest of the long set were 3 other new songs, Bodies, Black Magic, and So Good, as well as fan favorites like Brothers and SistersSweet SourHonest and I Know What I AmBand of Skulls would briefly depart the stage after Death By Diamonds and Pearls, only to return after a few moments for a two-song encore that featured I Know What I am and Asleep at the Wheel, which closed the night’s festivities and sent everyone home happy.

Band of Skulls feature Russell Marsden on guitar and Emma Richardson on bass, who also share vocal duties, and drummer Matt Hayward. The trio combines to form a versatile group who change pace several times over the course of a show. Band of Skulls are what they are, a talented indie rock band with a hint of blues roots that delivers time and again over the course of 2 hours. The only disappointment is that this show didn’t sell, and many people missed out on a show that would absolutely have been worth every penny. When it ended 20 songs after it began, I walked away impressed and wondering how such a good band could fail to sell out a show in a 3,000 capacity venue, and then it hit me – people in this town have poor taste in music – Band of Skulls should be on everyone’s playlist, and are a must see.

Check out our photo gallery below.

Russell Marsden, Band of Skulls
Russell Marsden, Band of Skulls