REVIEW: Doyle & Co Bring Hardcore Punk Act to NYC

Doyle Wolfgang von Frankenstein – aka Doyle from The Misfits – brought his band to New York’s Gramercy Theater on Saturday night for the Abominate The World tour and rocked the hell out of the place with an 18-or-19-song barrage of original songs and classic Misfits tunes with help from Alex “Wolfman” Story on vocals.

What can I say about Doyle that hasn’t been said for the better part of 37 years? Really, it’s been that long, and that seems impossible for a guy who is only 52. Yeah, Doyle joined The Misfits at 16 way back in 1980, and they’ve gone on to be one of the biggest punk sensations in history. Now, with Doyle doing his own thing, we get to hear a different take on Misfits anthems – despite The Misfits still being a thing after reuniting with Glenn Danzig last year – thanks to the Wolfman putting a different spin on vocals.

I don’t typically mention quirks like this, but Alex Story needs a new line. Before every song, he says “this is a love song, and you can dance to it if you like”…yeah, try hearing that 18 times. It got old pretty quickly and the dude needs to either work the crowd a little (a lot) better or stick to singing, because that same one-liner got old fast. But I digress, because when Wolfman wasn’t talking, he was belting out lines to classic Misfits tunes along with about 8 of the band’s own songs, and doing a fine job.

But the real story – no pun intended – here is Doyle, who thumps around on stage like he’s 30 years younger and still shreds the same way he’s been known to do all his life, essentially. He’s still a fun guy to watch on stage and puts on a great show, plays to the crowd a lot – and occasionally gives them the finger – and leaves his mark wherever he goes. How can you not when you’re 6’3 and tower over the rest of the guys in your band, all while wearing massive boots and spikes?

It’s been a long time coming for Doyle‘s solo project, but I can’t say I wasn’t a bit surprised by the timing. I was more expecting the reunion of The Misfits to hit the road this year – and I guess that’s still a possibility – but with Doyle launching a new album in the near future, I expect to see more of his solo project on the road for more dates, and I’m fine with that. If you’re gonna go out on your own, do it right, and Doyle & Co definitely do hardcore punk right. There’s absolutely no justifiable reason for NOT seeing this tour if you’re a fan of punk, a fan of The Misfits, or just a fan of a monster of a man towering over you while shredding some great tunes.

Go see this one, you’ll not be disappointed. I’m unable to confirm the setlist as of this review, so I’ll skip to the gallery below.

Doyle performs at Gramercy Theater in NYC