Evanescence To Release New Album

As if this didn’t take long enough, news came today that Evanescence will release a new album! It’s been far too long since we heard new music from Amy Lee and the gang, but the wait is nearly over!

Evanescence frontwoman Amy Lee revealed the news of this new album through a video posted on Facebook, along with explaining how there will also be two new songs on this album.

“This album is about orchestra and electronica. We’re taking our music, stripping out the big distorted guitars, stripping out the rock drums and replacing it with full orchestration and a completely synthetic world of beats and sounds,” explains Lee. While this album will feature songs from Evanescence’s previous albums, Lee explains that these won’t be remixes meaning that we’ll get to hear our favorite songs in an entirely new way. She also explains why they titled the album, Synthesis.

“It is the synthesis, the combination, the contrast, the synergy between the organic and the synthetic, also the past and present. We’re already stoked enough for new stuff from Evanescene, but on top of the news of a new album comes the big reveal for the band’s tour plans this fall – they’ll be hitting the road with a full orchestra! Awesome!

Stay tuned for more news from Evanescene as it comes out!