ALBUM REVIEW: Fireball Ministry – Remember The Story

LA-based heavy metallers Fireball Ministry are set to release their 5th studio album, titled Remember The Story, this Friday, October 6th. We’ve had it for quite a while but chose to withhold this review until close to the release date, so we’ve had ample time to give the album a thorough listen and, well, we’re very pleased. It’s a little hard to believe this is only Fireball Ministry’s 5th album in 18 years of their existence – their debut album was released in 1999 – but this is the case for the foursome that is on their second drummer and fourth bassist since the group formed.

Fireball Ministry is known for their heavy metal riffs and pulse-pounding tracks, and this continues with Remember The Story where the band has constructed an album that doesn’t sell itself short in any way. The entire thing, from start to finish, is loaded with killer guitar riffs  thanks to James Rota and Emily Burton, and drummer John Oreshnick provides the classic heavy metal drumming. The album’s title track has hints of early Black Sabbath in it, which is absolutely wonderful, while the opening track End of Our Truth sets the tone with killer guitar and work and even better lyrics.

In fact, the only time the band’s 10-track offering slows down is on the album’s final tune, I Don’t Believe a Word, which makes excellent use of an acoustic guitar on Fireball Ministry’s version of a heavy metal ballad, and the sound is honestly so unique that I wish there were more tracks like I Don’t Believe a Word on the album. That’s not to take anything away from the other 9 songs Fireball Ministry has put together, but the last one jumps out the most because it’s different. As for the rest of the album, Back on Earth and The Answer stand out as the real winners of the groups newest effort.

Fireball Ministry has done a great job following up on their 2010 self-titled album with their first effort in 7 years, which is a long time for a band to go without an album in today’s climate. It’s easy to be forgotten when you go through the better part of a decade without releasing new music and riding the old material, but if Fireball Ministry were at all forgotten over the past 7 years, they’ve re-introduced themselves to the heavy metal world in a big way with Remember The Story. We certainly will remember it.