GALLERY: Pantages II: Reckoning with Binary Code, Seas of Wake, Voodoo Terror Tribe and others

Here at Soundboard Magazine, we normally spend our nights covering high profile acts in large-capacity venues, but on this particular Saturday night, we took a break from the major outdoor shows and moved indoors to Knitting Factory in Brooklyn for Pantages II: Reckoning, a small showcase put on by Derek Soto at Sinestra Studios that featured Binary CodeSeas of Wake (who were coming off opening for Fear Factory in Jersey), Voodoo Terror TribePatterns of Decay and Nevereven. And because we’re awesome, we have a bunch of photos AND a review coming your way.

Normally the kind of metal on display at Pantages II is not my thing; the screaming growlies never did anything for and never will, but holy crap were all 5 bands fun as hell.  As it normally goes with small local acts, you get the families of the band members and some friends showing up for their set and leaving. So is the life of a band trying to make it to the big time, traveling in a van to gigs in clubs and bars and hoping somebody notices. Seas of Wake are getting there, and had the largest audience at Knitting Factory, but that doesn’t mean the rest of the lineup didn’t kick ass.

Each band played about 40 minutes, though Binary Code’s set certainly felt shorter. Nevereven kicked off the show and were quickly followed by Patterns of Decay and then Voodoo Terror Tribe, who with their crazy getups were awesome. Seas of Wake were the best band on the lineup, though, which shouldn’t be a surprise since they opened for Fear Factory earlier this month, and Binary Code put an end to 4+ hours of craziness. Sometimes I think smaller bands put more energy and emotion into their performances, because they don’t have the massive cult followings of mainstream bands that have already made their name, and all 5 bands proved that theory correct by leaving absolutely everything out there for the small crowd at Knitting Factory.

Check out the photos below, and then go check out Nevereven, Patterns of Decay, Voodoo Terror Tribe, Seas of Wake and Binary Code. To make things easy to follow, the gallery at the bottom is in the order of when the bands played, so Nevereven is first, and Binary Code is last. Scroll past the full size images for the full gallery at the bottom.



patterns of decay
Patterns of Decay


voodoo terror tribe
Voodoo Terror Tribe


Seas of Wake
Seas of Wake


binary code
Binary Code