Green Day Announce Return; Set to Debut New Track “Bang Bang”

green day, billie joe armstrong, mike dirnt

Green Day, the former punks-turned-pop are coming back after a long hiatus. Billie Joe Armstrong took to Instagram earlier today to announce that the band will release their first new track in 4 years, titled “Bang Bang” next week. Not much else is known at this time, other than the release date for the new tune – August 11th, with Armstrong also saying more details would be forthcoming in the near future.

Green Day have been gone for a few years, not having done much since 2012’s release of their album trilogy, following which Armstrong entered rehab, thus preventing the band from touring in support of said album trilogy. In the time since Billie Joe’s stint in rehab, guitarist Jason White took time off to deal with tonsil cancer, while bassist Mike Dirnt’s wife also battled cancer, all of which combined to further prevent the band from hitting the road.

Armstrong did a few movies, and even starred in Geezer during the band’s time off, and they regrouped and reunited last year as part of their induction into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. Now, though, it seems Green Day are back as Armstrong mentioned last year that there were “5 or 6” new tunes in the works. The release of new music along with the promise of more details likely means there’s a new album in the works, which also likely means the band will get back out on the road sometime before the end of the year. We’ll update when more details are made available, for now though, all we know is to expect a new song in 10 days.