Green Day Announce “Revolution Radio”; Release New Single “Bang Bang”

We’re a few days late on this due to last week’s downtime, but punk-rockers-turned-pop Green Day are officially back from a well-deserved hiatus. Earlier this month, Green Day announced their impending return via an Instagram post from Billie Joe Armstrong saying the band would debut the first new track in years, titled Bang Bang on August 11th, and also promised “further details”. The band lived up to the hype and not only released Bang Bang, but also announced their forthcoming album Revolution Radio.

Bang Bang is written from the perspective of a mass shooter, which is certain to cause some controversy on today’s society where mass shootings are increasingly common around the world. As for the track, one listen tells you it’s the most punk thing Green Day have done in a long time. The song is an instant reminder of the band’s earlier years in the mid-90’s when NimrodInsomniac and Dookie were at the height of their popularity among punk fans. If Bang Bang is an indicator of what to expect from Revolution Radio, I’m excited. I was among the massively disappointed when Green Day starting inching towards mainstream with Warning and American Idiot, before finally committing to a more pop slant with 21st Century BreakdownBang Bang is clearly a return to the band’s roots, and I can only hope that continues with the entire album. Check out the lyric video for Bang Bang  below, and continue reading after the break for more on Revolution Radio.

Billie Joe Armstrong talked a bit about the album (h/t Rolling Stone), saying “This is the most chaos I’ve ever seen in an election. It’s just so freaky. I don’t want to add more of the outrage or anger. I’d just try to reflect it. This is the first time that this election has preyed on fear and anger. And I think with both of those, we’re sort of in this fight-or-flight mode. Everybody’s freaked out. Neither side, nobody can rationalise with each other because everybody is stuck in fear and in anger, and there’s nothing in between. In a nutshell, that is what the record reflects. But I’m trying to also look at myself as part of the problem.” – Armstrong would later add, “It’s interesting,” he continued. “These songs were written before this presidential election. I use a lot of metaphor, and I blow things out, as any good punk rocker should. And it was interesting to see how songs like ‘Bang Bang’ and ‘Say Goodbye’ went from metaphor to literal, and that’s the part that was tripping me out. It was almost, kind of like, predicting the future, in a way.”

Revolution Radio is set to be released on 10/7, and will mark Green Day’s first new album since the 2012’s release of the Uno, Dos, Tre trio that saw the band go out on a supporting tour before vanishing for a long while. I’d expect at least one more single before the October release date, and we’ll hopefully be able to get an early listen to review it ahead of 10/7, but we’re excited here at Soundboard Magazine. New Green Day isn’t far away. Check out the album art below.

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