ALBUM REVIEW: ReKihndled – Greg Kihn Band

Rocker Greg Kihn and his band recently released their first album in 21 years – yes, over two decades – and while it’s not as heavy nearly as hard hitting as what we typically cover here at Soundboard Magazine, being a little softer – without being soft – doesn’t make an album bad. ReKihndled is, in no stretch of the imagination, bad. In fact, it’s very good. After two decades of not releasing an album, one naturally wonders what it’s going to sound like and whether the magic that made a band what it was 20 years ago is still there.

Fittingly, ReKihndled is the perfect name for the band’s re-debut, as they have definitely rekindled the magic of yesteryear, thanks in large part to Kihn and Robert Berry on bass. And, in a surprising twist, all of the members who worked on the last Greg Kihn Band album are also together on this album. Usually after such a long layoff between new music, there’s some changeover in band members. Not the case here, as they’re all together and that makes for a kick ass album.

The best part of the album isn’t one particular song, some of which we’ll touch on later, it’s that Kihn can still sing and his voice hasn’t changed all that much with age. That’s tough to pull off as Father Time takes hold, but as long as Greg Kihn’s still got it, we’re willing to listen. I think we here at Soundboard Magazine have agreed that our favorite tune on ReKihndled is Trained Monkey with It’s Never Too Late and A Place We Could Meet coming in as close seconds. The guitar riffs on all three are something to behold and combined with Kihn’s vocals create a harmony that we can’t stop listening to.

Some of the other tracks that stand out to us are I Wrote The Book and the album’s opener, The Life I Got. The album as a whole has some great stuff on it, but those 5 are the ones that stuck with us the most. The good news for fans is that Greg Kihn and his band are back in a big way with ReKihndled and, hopefully, they’ll be here to stay for a little while longer. Good music is hard to come by these days – yeah, there’s some quality stuff out there – but when you look at the number of one hit wonders, it’s hard to find a group or artist that has put out so many albums despite not really doing anything for a couple decades.

The Greg Kihn Band are currently touring through September, but they’re not coming out this way, so we won’t be catching them. You probably should if you’re a fan, the new stuff’s gonna sound even better live.