EP REVIEW: Greta Van Fleet’s “Black Smoke Rising”

Rock newcomers Greta Van Fleet hit the scene recently with their debut EP Black Smoke Rising, which features a 4 track sampling of what the guys are capable of, and it’s been impressive right from jump street. We can’t really blame you if you’re not familiar with Greta Van Fleet, after all, we weren’t until their new track Highway Tune found its way to our inbox and we gave it a listen. The band, consisting of three brothers – Jake, Josh and Sam Kiska, along with drummer Danny Wagner – is everything you’d want from a rock n roll band and more.

Highway Tune has been getting some radio play here recently, which is great, and Greta Van Fleet recently went out on the road with The Struts – that had to be a great combination – as their opening act, so they’re definitely getting noticed very quickly and rightfully so. Black Smoke Rising is only 4 songs long, but oh man, do these dudes have the makings of something special. It didn’t hit me right away on Highway Tune, but Safari Song and Floweer Power made it readily apparent: GVT are the second coming of Led Zeppelin.

Yeah, I said it. Led Zeppelin. It took exactly one listen to Safari Song to realize lead singer Josh Kiska has a lot of Robert Plant in him and that’s a very good thing. The band’s overall sound isn’t that far off from the mighty Zep, either. Of course, nobody can ever replace John Bonham on drums, not even Jason Bonham, but Danny Wagner is a monster on drums and that guitar work from Jake Kiska is first class on Safari Song. Obviously, comparing any band to Zeppelin is praise of the highest order and gives them a lot to live up to, but one listen to Greta Van Fleet told me if any band can live up to that, it’s these guys.

The band they opened for recently, The Struts, have been compared time and time again to Queen, with frontman Luke Spiller doing everything he can to successfully channel the ghost of Freddy Mercury, and with the sound Greta Van Fleet has, they’re definitely channeling their very obvious influences here. That’s a great thing and gives me a world of hope for the future of rock n roll. Greta Van Fleet delivers the definition of classic rock in the 21st century and with it, something I and many other lovers of rock n roll have been waiting a long time for:

A resurgence. Rock n roll is back in a big way, and Greta Van Fleet will be right there to lead it. Check these guys out. Here’s a link to their Soundcloud so you can enjoy their music as much as I am.