Helloween Announces “Pumpkins United” Tour – With Michael Kiske!

The German metal powerhouse that is Helloween – who we covered earlier this year – have made a HUGE announcement. They’re going back out on the road for the Pumpkins United tour, but this is set to be much bigger than just any old tour. Helloween are going on tour with original leader singer Michael Kiske!!!!!!!!! Kiske‘s 1993 departure was so acrimonious that it had been long believed he would never return to the band, going so far as to say himself “I wouldn’t do that. I’m up for peace, up for talking everything out and getting everything out of our systems. I met up with [HELLOWEEN guitarist Michael] Weikath a in Sweden. He was extremely nice and friendly. It was clear they have changed their mood. They’ve changed their attitude toward me. They really did me a lot of wrong over the years. I don’t want to pass the blame here, but they’ve accused me of doing things that they know very well are not right. They needed some stuff to convince the old fans that it’s good I’m not there anymore, and they went way too far. One of the things that I was really pissed about was this ‘musical direction’ talk, as if I would be the person to tell anyone what kind of music he should do. Everyone who knows me — anyone who really knows me — knows my attitude is totally different.”

So it seems a bit odd that all these years later, Kiske is back in the fold and will also be joined on tour by original guitarist Kai Hansen. The lineup will feature seven (!!!!) musicians and will include current frontman Andi Deris and current guitarist Sascha Gerstner, and the shows on the tour will feature an incredible Springsteen-like 3 hours of Helloween music spanning their 30 year career. It’ll certainly be interesting to see how the old guard meshes with the new guard, and how they work out the tour’s set list as well as whether Deris and Kiske perform any songs together, though it was hinted that it will in fact take place in an interview with the band – ” “There’ll for sure be songs that we haven’t played in a very long time or even ever before. Whoever doesn’t secure tickets for this tour probably doesn’t have all their pumpkins in a row,” said Grosskopf. The band has iterated that this is not exactly a reunion and will likely never happen again. Andi Deris added, “I’m so much looking forward to playing Michi’s and my tunes together with him live onstage. It’s going to be absolutely exceptional.” (h/t Loudwire)

Regardless of what happens, it’s sure to be a tour for the ages and one absolutely worth seeing. As of right now the only confirmed date is October 28th, 2017 in Sao Paulo, Brazil. The rest of the tour, once dates are confirmed, will take Helloween through South America, Europe, Asia and North American and given the kickoff date, will likely run well into 2018. We’ll have more on Helloween’s monumental super-tour as it’s announced.