REVIEW: Lee Brice Brings Drinking Class to NYC

Every time I’m at a country show, I’m amazed by just how popular the genre is in a place that up until a few years ago didn’t even have a country music station. That was no exception when the big boy from Sumter, South Carolina, Lee Brice, rolled through town and the faithful members of the “drinking class” showed up to join in the ruckus, and man, the drinking class sure is fun as hell.

Lee Brice has that good ol’ American boy attitude and enough fire on stage to get anyone into a show, but the aforementioned “drinking class” didn’t need any help (the $16 drinks that some people had way too many of were more than enough to get people going) getting into performance once Morgan Evans split and Brice took the stage with a full band and his own guitar to go with it. When most casual fans think Lee Brice, they think Boy and Drinking Class, but there’s a whole lot more to the man and his music than two hit songs on Nash FM, and the full range was on display on this 17-song set full of his own tunes and a couple interesting covers including the obligatory rendition if Skynyrd’s Simple Man to wrap things up.

Offering up tunes like Hard to Love, They Don’t Like You, Love Like Crazy, American Nights, Parking Lot Party and a country take on the Queen hit Fat Bottomed GirlsLee Brice put together a country show like no other in the heart of New York City, at a basement-level venue at the corner of the crossroads of the world, in front of a bunch of diehard country fans and showed off why country music just might be the best genre you can find. I grew up listening to hard rock and heavy metal, became a metalhead at an early age and even dabbled with the likes of Bryan White, Faith Hill and SHEDaisy back in the day, but as I get older I realize just how good country music is and Lee Brice is certainly a rising star.

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