Linkin Park Announce New Album, Debut New Single “Heavy”

Perhaps the reigning kings of Nu Metal, Linkin Park announced today that they are set to release the follow up to 2014’s The Hunting Party. The new album drops in May and is titled One More Light, and along with that announcement came the first single from the band’s forthcoming seventh studio album (really? It’s only been 6 albums so far? I fee like they’ve been around forever) – the debut single is titled Heavy and, well….it’s not.

Although the band has remained vague about the direction of the new album, guitarist Brad Delson told The Pulse Of Radio not long ago that LINKIN PARK has always followed its own creative impulses. “We have to do artistically and creatively what we’re driven to do, irrespective of, like, the advice everyone’s giving us or the commercial ramifications of it, and ultimately I think if you chase what you love and you chase great art, then everything else follows,” he said. “I think where people get into trouble is when they’re chasing what they think people want to hear and it becomes flat and derivative and disingenuous, and that’s the last thing we wanted to do.”

The new track features guest vocals from llinois singer Kiiara, and despite the song’s title, it is most certainly not metal. Judge for yourselves below:

Let’s be real here, it was definitely made for mainstream radio airtime to fit with what’s hip today, and that makes me sad, because Linkin Park have always been metal badasses and have their brand of nu metal has always been in heavy rotation for me. But, I’ll reserve judgement on the new material when I hear the package as a whole. We’ll probably have a review coming your way closer to yet-to-be-announced release date, but for now check out the album artwork below.