Longtime In Flames Bassist Peter Iwers Leaving Band

After two decades in In Flames, bassist Peter Iwers announced today that he’ll be leaving to pursue other musical endeavors after the band’s upcoming tour. The announce comes at a time when In Flames has been in a bit of a state of flux following the departure of longtime drummer Daniel Svensson, who became the latest member of In Flames to leave the band. In 2010, guitarist Jesper Stromblad, who was the last remaining original member of the band, drumming on their 1993 demo debut Lunar Strain before moving over to guitar for 1994’s Subterranean, also left the band. Now, with the impending departure of Iwers, that will leave vocalist Anders Friden as the band’s longest tenured member.

Recent reports have suggested that Iwers and Stromblad have formed a new band together, and naturally speculation assumes Iwers is leaving In Flames for that reason. For his part, Iwers neither confirmed nor denied the rumor in his statement on Facebook, which you can read below:

“Friends, I have decided to leave In Flames to pursue other endeavours.

As a result, this current US tour will be my last one with In Flames so if you are around, come and say hi.

It has been almost 20 years of fun and I am eternally grateful to you all for all the support you have given me and the rest of the guys throughout all these years.

You made it all possible.

Now is the time for me to move on with other musical and non musical adventures.

I wish the very best to Niclas, Anders, Björn & Joe.

Hope to see all you Jesterheads down the road in my future endeavors.

Follow my instagram @peteriwers for updates

May the force be with you



And with that, the end is nigh for one of In Flames’ only remaining members from their early success in the late 90’s. Let the speculation begin about who his replacement will be, but this tour will be the last for Peter Iwers with In Flames.