REVIEW: In This Moment’s Half God Half Devil Tours Hits NYC

Los Angeles-based metal group In This Moment brought their Half God Half Devil tour, aptly named after one of the tracks off their latest album Ritual, to NYC’s Playstation Theater in the heart of Times Square on Wednesday night before a crowd of fans clad in cosplay and devil horns where the band would play a dozen-ish songs – less than we were expecting – before departing for two days off before their Rock Allegiance performance this past weekend. We previous covered In This Moment last year in the Philly area when they opened Rob Zombie & Korn’s “Return of the Dreads” tour and they were very well received on that date, so we were no doubt excited for the announcement of their headline tour and finally having a chance to see them play a full set, though we were hoping for a bit longer setlist.

But I digress, and what In This Moment lacked in quantity was more than made up for in quality, with 10 of their best songs along with two insane covers headlined by a jam of a pair of Metallica songs – For Whom The Bell Tolls and Creeping Death which was followed by one of the most bad ass drum solos I’ve ever seen, and a cover of the Phil Collins megahit In The Air Tonight. I’ve heard that song done all kinds of ways – as a metal song by Nonpoint, as a hard rock song by Daughtry, as a pop song by Lorde, as a hip-hop song by Lil’ Kim with Phil Collins – and the ITM rendition is right up there with Daughtry’s version as far as covers go.

While I have the easy job of standing in the crowd and watching a show, I must say I’m a little jealous of my partner in crime here at Soundboard Magazine, who got to watch the show from the best seat in the house thanks to In This Moment being super cool and allowing photographers to shoot the entire set. I’ve never been in a photo pit because I’m not a photographer, but for a show as kick ass as the one In This Moment put on I kind of wish I knew my way around a camera. What I wouldn’t give to be able to watch a show like this from inside the barricade. Granted I get to enjoy the entire thing without having to work, but it would still be cool as hell to be that close to a great show.

And it was very much a great show, with ITM treating fans to numbers like Blood, Adrenalize, Burn, and Sick Like Me along with 5 new tracks off their latest album Ritual including Roots, Black Wedding and River of Fire, but not the tour’s namesake track Half God Half Devil. Of course, Maria Brink and company closed up shop with arguably their biggest hit, lovingly titled Whore. though I was hoping Sex Metal Barbie would have made an appearance somewhere along the way along with Black Widow. I’ll take that minor disappointment when the band flat out kicked ass for 90-ish minutes.

I still remember seeing In This Moment opening for Disturbed in 2011 on the Music as a Weapon tour when nobody knew who they were and they played 5 songs. They’ve come a long way in 6 years and their headline performance shows what I’ve known all along, ITM rocks. Their live act is something to behold, really, as it’s part metal show, part musical theater. Maria Brink designs all the band’s production and costumes herself and choreographs the on-stage theatrics, which are always worth the price of admission. The music is great, the show is better and is one that needs to be seen.

Photos by Sean Murphy:

Maria Brink and In This Moment performing at Playstation Theater