UPDATED: My Chemical Romance Tweet New Logo, Video

UPDATE 7/21:

My Chemical Romance sent out a tweet today saying there are no plans for a tour and they’re not getting back together. They are, however, reissuing The Black Parade, complete with previously unreleased tracks. That didn’t take long, the band only broke the internet yesterday with a cryptic video and logo, and sent the music world into a frenzy trying to figure out what was actually going on with the band. We mentioned a re-release as an option in the original article down below, and now it’s been confirmed by the band to actually be the case. That’s a disappoint for MCR fans, who will have to continue waiting and hoping for a reunion. Scroll through for the band’s new logo and the video that broke the web.

Original article 7/20


As if today’s Temple of the Dog news wasn’t enough, here’s another one to file under “where did this come from?”. My Chemical Romance, who split in 2013, tweeted a new logo, along with a video and cryptic date: September 23rd, 2016. The logo, which you can see below, features a cross with the letters MCRX in the four corners.  Check it out:

my chemical romance

Now for the video, which features a flag and the piano intro to “The Black Parade:

I think all of this makes it pretty obvious that My Chemical Romance are teasing something related to The Black Parade, which will be out 10 years on October 23rd, just one month after the date in the video. MCR haven’t been a band in 3 years, so this could really be anything. A reissue of The Black Parade, a special edition version with unreleased tracks to celebrate the 10th anniversary of their biggest hit. Those are the obvious answers, but the not-so-obvious answer is the question surrounding the new logo and cryptic date. Bands don’t just release new logos unless they have a reason. Rage Against The Machine did something similar this year when they launched the Prophets of Rage website and countdown clock, with a new logo, that sent everyone into a frenzy anticipating a RATM reunion. Alas, that wasn’t meant to be, but I think there might be some teeth to the speculation that MCR could be reuniting for a The Black Parade 10th Anniversary Tour.

That makes the most sense. Why go through the effort of designing a new logo and launching a video clearly hinting at The Black Parade‘s upcoming 10th anniversary if you’re not going to tour? I fully expect a reunion and tour announcement to follow, with the tour kicking off on the hinted date, September 23rd. Stay tuned, we’ll have more on this as it becomes available.