REVIEW: Pierce The Veil “Detonate” At The Paramount

San Diego-based rockers Pierce The Veil returned to the New York on Sunday, 5/7, for their We Will Detonate tour and delivered a stellar performance to a nearly packed Paramount Theater in Huntington. It had been a long time coming for Pierce The Veil and I to be in the same place on the same night, as I missed their NYC stop at Hammerstein Ballroom last year, so finally seeing them live was a long-awaited treat. They did not disappoint.

The surf-dudes – at least they look like surf-dudes – kicked off what would be a 13-song night shortly after Sum 41 departed, and entered to a dude in a mask with glowing eyes pushing the plunger on the “TNT” detonator set up on stage, and then ripped right into Texas Is Forever and Bulls in the Bronx. Sidebar: for a bunch of guys from California, they sure as hell like to sing about other places. Since PTV have *technically* been supporting their latest album, 2016’s Misadventures, despite different tour names since the album’s release, it’s no surprise they played more tunes off that one than any of their other 3 albums.

What was a surprise was that Pierce The Veil covered a brand new tune that’s only been on the radio a couple weeks in Issues by Julia Michaels. It’s a little too early to be covering that song, in my opinion, especially live as a rock band. I haven’t even warmed up to the original yet, but PTV gave it a nice effort for an attempt at owning a brand new tune. Of course, I’d have to wait until the very end to hear my favorite Pierce The Veil song, King for a Day, which came complete with confetti cannons shooting off into the crowd. King for a Day is a bit different live, as the hit was originally recorded with guest vocals from Kellin Quinn of Sleeping With Sirens, but it’s a fine song nonetheless and a great, fun way to close out a show.

Also featured on the night were an acoustic take on Stay Away From My FriendsCircles and Hold On Till May, among others.  I dunno, PTV’s pretty awesome live, and the place was pretty well jammed – albeit with teenage girls – for a school/work night, but it feels like they should have a bigger following than they currently do. They’re one of those bands that the kiddies will get behind, but it’s hard for a lot of people my age to line up to see them, and that’s a shame. There are a lot of people missing out on Pierce The Veil because their music is definitely geared towards the younger crowd, but that doesn’t stop them from making good music that anyone can appreciate.

It’s a great live show that’s full of energy – with lots of jumps – and good music. The band definitely deserves to be seen, and fans already know that as they come out in droves. It’s the people who aren’t fans that need to be turned, and it won’t be long before Pierce The Veil wins over the audience they’re lacking. Full setlist after the gallery.


Pierce The Veil showing off a bit at The Paramount


Texas Is Forever

Bulls in the Bronx

A Match Into Water

Today I Saw the Whole World

Yeah Boy and Doll Face

Floral & Fading


Stay Away From My Friends

Dive In




Hold On Till May

King for a Day