REVIEW: Andrew W.K. Parties Hard in Brooklyn

Party-rocker extraordinaire Andrew W.K. brought his “The Party Never Ends” tour to Brooklyn on Friday night to play what looked very much like a sold-out Warsaw in Greenpoint’s Little Poland – a venue that comes complete with Polish grandmas making pierogies in the back and not the kind of place you’d expect to find Andrew W.K. or a capacity crowd – to throw a party the way only Andrew W.K. can, on what he called the “partiest night of all”, Friday the 13th.

To be honest, I had kind forgotten Andrew W.K. was still around. He hasn’t released an album since 2010 and while I still listen to Party Hard from his 2001 debut I Get Wet, his music had kind of gone by the wayside for me and I hadn’t heard anything about him in years until some live photos of his shows popped up a year or so ago. W.K. went through some legal issues in regards to his name that really crippled his career for a while, but it appears that’s all been settled and he’s back to making music and touring and, well, partying hard.

We’re unable to locate a setlist as of this writing, so I’ll have to go off memory. Obviously, the show closed with W.K.’s biggest hit Party Hard, with I Get Wet in the mix along with Party Till You PukeWe Want Fun, Take It Off and a killer guitar solo thrown in for good measure. Andrew W.K. definitely still parties hard 16 years after he started, and he puts on a hell of a show to boot. Of course, the drunk frat bros in the front row harassing the female photographers in the pit were just the kind of guys you want to throw out of the party, but I digress. The rest of W.K.’s fans were chill as hell and very into the show and only made the party vibe that much better. I can’t believe I’d kind of forgotten about Andrew W.K, but now that I’ve seen his party in person, I’ll definitely be joining it again.

Check out the photo gallery below: