REVIEW: Bayside Shines in Their Hometown

Local – and well known – rockers Bayside, who hail from – you guessed it – Bayside, Queens, took to Playstation Theater in their hometown of NYC last Tuesday and just about packed the house for the local stop on their tour with Say Anything, where the group left their biggest fans with a show to remember, packed full of hits, new tunes and a set that began with lead singer Anthony Raneri coming out into the pit, standing up on the barricade and belting out They Looked Like Strong Hands right in front of the true diehards who arrived early enough to camp out a spot right up front.

From there it was into Already Gone and They’re Not Horses, They’re Unicorns along with a pair of numbers off their 2016 effort Vacancy – Mary and Two Letters. It was a bit of a surprise to only hear two tracks off the new-ish album, while the band played 6 off 2005’s self-titled album – of note were Blame It On Bad LuckiHello Shitty Montauk. But, it doesn’t really matter what you play when you’re in front of the hometown crowd, they’re going to go absolutely nuts no matter what, and that was definitely the case for this one as fans lost their collective mind with every song.

The big surprise came near the end of the show when the dudes in Bayside gave a tip of the hat to legendary New York native Billy Joel by playing a rendition of his hit Movin’ Out that was very well done and very fun to hear despite being a huge Billy Joel fan and being hesitant of any attempt to cover his music, and the NYC crowd certainly appreciated the nod to one of their own. A few other tunes the guys treated us to were The Walking WoundedDualityI and I and Carry On. You can read the full set list below the photo gallery.

There really isn’t anything more I could have wanted from Bayside. They played 18 songs in front of their hometown fans and left everything they had on stage when it was over, and the result was a fun-filled show that had the nearly 2,200 fans in attendance going home happy. That’s really all you can ask for from a band, but it’s even more special when that band is local and playing to a packed house in their own city. Bayside plays a few shows at Playstation Theater every year, and I’ll be sure to catch them again at the next one.

Photo gallery and set list below.

Anthony Raneri of Bayside sings to his hometown fans in NYC

Bayside setlist:

They Looked Like Strong Hands

Already Gone

They’re Not Horses, They’re Unicorns

Sick, Sick, Sick


Carry On

Big Cheese

The Walking Wounded

Blame It on Bad Luck


Don’t Call Me Peanut



Two Letters

I and I

Movin’ Out (Anthony’s Song)

Hello Shitty

Devotion and Desire