REVIEW: Company of Thieves at Gramercy Theater

Indie rockers Company of Thieves, fronted by leading lady Genevieve Schatz who for a while went solo, brought their reunion tour to NYC’s Gramercy Theater on Monday night for a dozen-song affair that delighted fans who showed up to see them at the start of the work week. It’s hard to get me to go out to a show on a Monday night, but I’ve wanted to see Company of Thieves for a little bit and the timing just happened to work out – and being one of two photographers made it even better.  The Chicago natives have only released two albums in the decade since their inception despite running for 7 years before announcing a breakup/hiatus and no plans to record. That earlier this summer when an announcement was made that they would be touring and releasing a new single, so it appears Genevieve’s solo career didn’t quite pan out the way she had hoped.

All of those things brought the Company of Thieves reunion tour to NYC 10 years after their debut album Ordinary Riches was released, and I was hoping for a better turnout from their fans but there were sadly not many people at this one. Maybe because they were playing at 9:45 on a Monday, maybe because the band hasn’t done anything in a few years, maybe the openers bored everyone to sleep (I skipped the support acts ) – who knows – but the people who did turn out for this one got themselves a nice treat in a winning performance by a band that never should have split in the first place.

It’s pretty strange, then, that I hadn’t heard of them until a year or so ago when one of their old tunes hit whatever station I was streaming on iHeartRadio. You’d think I would have been turned on to them years ago when I was going through my indie music phase, but somehow they flew beneath my radar until Genevieve was already doing her own thing. But once the band announced their reunion tour, I knew I had to see them when they came this way and the dozens songs they gave the people in the room were well worth the trip. With tunes like Pressure, Old Letters, Queen of Hearts, Death of Communication and a three-song encore that included an acoustic Even in the DarkTallulah and Oscar Wilde, how can you go wrong?

This show was absolutely fantastic and I really wish I had known who Company of Thieves were years ago; I’ve been missing out. But don’t let the name fool you, the only thing these thieves steal is the show. Check out the gallery below.