REVIEW: The Devil Makes Three at Brooklyn Steel

California-based band The Devil Makes Three brought their Redemption & Ruin tour to NYC’s Brooklyn Steel – an old steel mill-turned-concert-venue – last week as their winter run in support of their latest album nears its conclusion. As of this writing, the band’s setlist for this specific show is not available from our usual source – – so we’ll take a rough guesstimate of what was on the agenda based on setlists from other recent stops. It’s absolutely worth mentioning that The Devil Makes Three play forever, including north of 20 tunes on pretty much every stop on their current run. I like bands that play forever, it gives the fans their money’s worth but is also draining after a while. 20 seems like enough, but if you’ve got the material to keep going, why not?

I’ve been into all things country and country-ish lately, but The Devil Makes Three is a bit of a stretch even for me as they’re more bluegrass and folk than actual country, what with a banjo and double bass and all, but I figured I’d give it a shot. With that said, I learned a valuable lesson in that bluegrass and folk-country are not my speed at all, no matter how good The Devil Makes Three was live. Take nothing away from the band, they’re awesome, but I can’t with bluegrass. I need something a bit more uptempo and lively with more movement from the band

Again, take nothing away from the band at all. They were solid and their fans looked like they were having a great time as Pete, Lucia and Cooper belted out hit after hit, though it doesn’t appear the trio are playing much, if anything, off the album the tour is titled after. Drunken Hearted Man appears to be the only song off Redemption & Ruin to make an appearance on the tour’s setlist, and I thought that was a pretty cool number even if it is a cover, so maybe I’d like their newest material better than the older stuff? I don’t know, I wish I’d had been able to find out, but it is what it is and it doesn’t change the fact that performance-wise, The Devil Makes Three put on a great show.

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