REVIEW: Dustin Lynch Rides at Playstation Theater

Country boy Dustin Lynch brought his “Ride or Die” tour to the heart of New York City on Saturday night for a sold-out performance at Playstation Theater, which has quickly become the home of many country shows over the past year that we’ve been covering country, and it’s no surprise that ever single one of those country shows has sold out. What is still a surprise a year later is that country music is still a heavily underserved genre in that nobody in NYC covers country. It’s basically Getty Images, the house photographer and us, and that’s a shame. I get it, everyone wants to cover rock stars and “nobody” likes country music – except the 2200 people who regularly pack Playstation Theater every time there’s a country act in town – so why cover it, right?

That was exactly the case on Saturday night as we watched Dustin Lynch kick ass for just over an hour. Yes, an hour and 15ish minutes sounds like it’s way too short, but Dustin doesn’t waste much time on stage as he and his band went through 21 tunes including snippets of covers and the obligatory introduction of the bandmembers near the end of the show – and, by the way, his guitarists can flat out shred, as evidenced by the snippet of Metallca’s Enter Sandman – and the entire show was really just fantastic. Let’s dive right in and talk about the covers. Covers seem to be a big thing in country music and some country artists have pulled tunes from quite literally out of nowhere to turn into country songs.

The funniest example of his was the country rendition of My House by Flo Rida. Not something you’d expect to hear at a country show, but then again neither is Blink 182’s All The Small Things or Lit’s My Own Worst Enemy, both of which were played up until the chorus and were amazing in all their countrified glory. Snippets of Mud on the Tires, Somebody Like You, Play it Again and Holy rounded out Lynch’s takes on current country hits, but the real show is his own material which is stellar in its own right. Playing tunes like Hell of a Night, I’d Be Jealous Too, Cowboys and Angels, Love Me or Leave Me Alone, Why Not Tonight and, of course, Small Town Boy, which oddly enough is on the radio as I type this, Dustin Lynch treated his fans to an incredible show.

But, it didn’t end with Small Town Boy. How could it, really, when there was still one more hit to play? Seein’ Red would close out the rather early night, but it was after all a Saturday night in the big city. I’m sure Lynch and the boys wanted to party just as much as everyone else in the building, so why not call it an early night and start the party that much sooner? Though, the party started on stage well before that when Lynch’s own personal shirtless dude ran out on stage and chugged beer during Why Not Tonight, at which point Dustin “accidentally dropped” (tossed) a beer into the crowd, saying that was the part of the show where he normally throws beers to a bunch of people but “they got rules here and we can’t do that”. Such a shame.

But that’s how the entire night was, one big party and one great country show. Everyone was drunk, nobody had to work the next day and everyone had a great time, and that’s why I love my country music. Every country show is one big party where everyone has a blast and goes home happy, which is a huge contrast to the rock and metal shows we normally cover where everyone is high and will punch you in the face for being in their way for 3 songs. Dustin Lynch joines the growing list of great country performers we’ve been lucky enough to cover and if this keeps up, we may have to consider switching formats and only covering country. I don’t get kicked in the head here.

Check out the gallery below.