REVIEW: Dylan Scott Goes Gold & Rocks Gramercy Theater

Country star Dylan Scott came to NYC last Tuesday to perform at the sold out Gramercy Theater and delivered the best country performance I’ve seen in my limited foray into the genre. Now, NYC is the last place you think of when you think country music, and it’s a very underserved genre when it comes to media coverage in this town. This fact was on full display when I walked in and was the only photographer shooting the performance, which is both sad and special at the same time given the surprise that would come at the end of the night. Not being a place you think of as a hotbed for country music, though, doesn’t mean there aren’t a ton of country fans here – I’ve yet to see a country show that didn’t sell out.

Those fans came out in full force for Dylan Scott, who is extremely down to earth and chill as hell from the brief time I had to meet him after the show – that’s another thing about country, they hook you up, like all the way hooked up – I’ve had country artists cover my bar tab at shows, I’ve had VIP, and now I got hooked up with an aftershow pass – so that’s just an added bonus as a “thank you” of sorts for coming out to cover a genre that isn’t covered enough in this town. Country shows are fun, and this one was no exception. Unfortunately, locating a set list has been near impossible, so I’ll stick to what I know.

I can say with absolute certainty Scott played Passenger SeatCrazy Over MeThinking Out Loud and closed with My Girl. Now, I’ll say that My Girl is the reason I like country music in the first place, after turning on Nash FM here in NYC while every other station was either in commercial or playing Justin Bieber (blah!), and Dylan Scott‘s tune came on. That was it, I was hooked, and I’ve been listening to country ever since. Now, what made this night even cooler, aside from seeing one of my favorite country artists, was seeing one of my favorite country artists be surprised with his first gold record!

That’s right, Scott received his first gold record for My Girl on stage in New York City. Tak about “making it”, you get your first gold record in the Big Apple as a country boy singing country songs and rather than the music city, it happens in the big city. That was pretty special to see, and a cool moment too. And then Scott wrapped it up with what is now far and away his biggest hit, and that was that. Just about an hour’s worth of country tunes on a Tuesday night had come to an end, and it was time mingle with suits and the man himself for a bit. All that matters, though, is the quality of the show, and this one was up there.

Dylan Scott’s got himself some great energy and lots of emotion on stage, and he pours it all out during his performance until he’s given it everything he’s got and leaves it all on stage. If you’re a country fan and you haven’t seen Dylan Scott live, you’re missing out and you should get on that right now. Check out the photo gallery below.

Dylan Scott holds up his first ever gold record at Gramercy Theater in NYC