REVIEW: Franz Ferdinand Comes (Back) to Brooklyn

This past Sunday night was take two with Franz Ferdinand as they returned to Brooklyn for the second time in less than a year. After playing an intimate show by comparison at The Warsaw last summer, the boys from Glasgow came back to play the much larger Brooklyn Steel on night one of two sold-out shows. Truth be told, it was pouring when I left home and I was planning on leaving early to get a head start on the drive. Long story short, I ran into friends, they were drunk, they bought me beers and I can’t say no to free beer so I stayed for the whole thing. I’m glad I did because Franz Ferdinand show #2 was better than Franz Ferdinand show #1.

So let’s get on with it, shall we? Knowing what to expect from a band makes covering them easier, and after my first experience with Franz Ferdinand, I was well aware of what they were going to do – jumps and all – and what they were going to play and when, so it allowed me to kick back and relax – or maybe that was the two brews I wasn’t planning on having. Anyway, they kicked things off with Always Ascending, which was one of the encore songs the last time through, and ripped into Lucid Dreams along with Lois Lane and Come On Home.

Some other tunes of note featured on the night were Do You Want ToWalk AwayHuck & JimTake Me Out, and Ulysses. Treating fans to a 4-song encore made hearing the band’s most recognizable song earlier in the set a non-issue when you consider the songs featured in the long encore: Lazy Boy, Love Illumination, Feel The Love Go and This Fire to close it out in typical ass kickin’ fashion. I’m still a bit surprised that Take Me Out isn’t played during the encore, it looked like at least a few people started filing out after the band played it earlier in the night – I have no idea why, they were killing it and a lot of fun to watch – and those people missed out on a great last 5 or 6 songs including the closer that seems to go on forever.

One of the things Franz Ferdinand are known for is their encore, and the above is hell of an encore at four songs and probably 20+ minutes of extra fun. Even as a casual fan, I knew the encore was going to be bad ass and even though the rain nearly sent me to the exit early, my friends – who were staring at me in the dark for a good 5 minutes before I realized who they were – saved the night and got me to hang around for the whole thing by bribing me with alcohol. Hey, I’m Irish, don’t judge me. Things happen for a reason, they say, and running into my friends kept me there long enough to sing along to This Fire, which has to be my new favorite Franz Ferdinand tune, and enjoy a great show that featured 18 killer numbers.

Once again, the boys from Glasgow, Scottland, put on a hell of a show and sent me and everyone else home happy. Check out the photo gallery below.