REVIEW: The Fratellis Take On Hipsterville

Scottish indie rockers The Fratellis brought their North American tour to Hipsterville USA – sometimes referred to as East Williamsburg, Brooklyn – for a whopping 23-song performance at Brooklyn Steel, the old steel mill-turned-music-hall last Wednesday and rocked the house for the fans who made it out despite the piss-poor weather we’ve been having recently here in NYC. When you get down to it, The Fratellis are hipsters themselves and the music they play is hipster rock, so Williamsburg was the perfect place for the band to play, and they did not disappoint after belting out all of their hits along with some new tunes for the masses.

It’s been a long time since The Fratellis released their debut album Costello Music way back in 200 – drummer Mince still had hair – and I still listen to Chelsea Dagger to this day. The band has evolved since then, their music has changed a bit, but they’re still as good as ever and they proved that on Wednesday night with songs like Henrietta, Imposters, Whistle for the Choir, Creepin’ Up the Backstairs, Doginabag and Baby Fratelli among many, many others, before departing the stage briefly to return with an unreal five-song – okay, four songs and Happy Birthday played for Mince for, you guessed it, his birthday – encore performance.

Said encore, of course, featured the band’s biggest hit and most well-known song – it is the victory song for the NHL’s Chicago Blackhawks, after all, and is the best thing about said Blackhawks – Chelsea Dagger, along with I Am That, Too Much Wine and an indie rock cover of the Dion hit Runaround Sue to end the very long night. 23 songs is almost unheard of in today’s music scene as most headliners play anywhere from 12-18 songs, and the longest performance I’ve ever seen was something like 36 songs when The Pixies came to town last year. Despite that show being incredible, it went on far too long and got boring after about 25 songs. That was absolutely not the case with The Fratellis, who knew exactly when to work the crowd and kept the show upbeat and flowing for the entire set, and absolutely kicked ass the entire time. Hearing Chelsea Dagger live for the first time sealed it for me, and I assumed that would be the end of it, but guitarist Jon pulled one last rabbit out of his fedora with the Runaround Sue cover to wrap up an incredible night.

Photo gallery from three guys not actually named Fratelli below: