REVIEW: Phoenix Rocks NYC

How does that headline even make sense? Was there a cross-country earthquake nobody told me about? Did the Arizona Diamondbacks beat the Yankees (again? šŸ™ ) Only one of those statements is true, and sadly it’s the latter – no I have not forgotten about the 2001 World Series, screw you Luis Gonzalez. No, there was not an earthquake that rattled most of the country.Ā Phoenix theĀ band rocked NYC in their third of 5 nights atĀ Brooklyn SteelĀ on July 7th after selling out the first two nights and quite possibly selling out the third – it’s hard to tell atĀ Brooklyn Steel, as a very young crowd filled the house for the band’s mini-residency on theirĀ Ti Amo tour.

The Frenchies fromĀ Versailles are best known for their hitsĀ Lisztomania, Armistace andĀ 1901 from their massively successful albumĀ Wolfgang Amadeus Phoenix way back in 2009. The band had actually released three albums prior to that, dating back to 2000 (if you’re surprisedĀ Phoenix has been around for 18 years, you’re not alone) though none of them were nearly as successful asĀ Wolfgang Amadeus Phoenix and so far, neither of the two released since have attained nearly the same heights. Phoenix has always been rumored to put on a fantastic show, though, and they proved that rumor true on this night.

Some of the noteworthy tunes on the band’s setlist includeĀ J-Boy, Lasso, Trying to Be Cool, Ti Amo, Rome, If I Ever Feel Better, Telefono, Fior di latteĀ andĀ Ti amo di piĆ¹. I think it’s fair to say that it’s pretty obvious the guys played their three most popular tunes inĀ Amistace, LisztomaniaĀ andĀ 1901, which was incredible to hear live for the first time with everyone singing along.Ā Phoenix ran through 21 songs including a mostly-unprecedentedĀ six-song encore by the time the night was through, and then had a disco afterparty out in the lobby (Brooklyn Steel calls it a “lounge”). I didn’t stick around for the afterparty partly because it was a Saturday night and I had other things on my agenda, but also because you know you’re too old to be at a show when the signs promoting the afterparty promise ice cream for anyone who stays.

Yeaaaaaaaah, just a little bit too old for that crowd, ha. The important thing is thatĀ Phoenix put on a hell of a show, despite their attempts to win over my inner fat kid. Check out the photo gallery below: