REVIEW: Rachel Platten Plays Intimate Hometown Show

Pop star and New York native Rachel Platten came home to play a special, private show at Brooklyn Steel for the Billboard and Ford Front Row concert series and Ford’s Warriors In Pink, which both raises awareness and money for breast cancer in addition to donating 100% of proceeds of Warriors In Pink apparel sales to breast cancer charities. So yeah, there was definitely a PR move involved here, with October being breast cancer awareness month and a private section full of breast cancer survives, along with a new album about to come out in a week or so, Rachel Platten’s appearance at Brooklyn Steel was definitely well-timed.

But hey, who cares? This was a free show for people who have been to hell and back and kicked cancer’s ass, they deserve something special, and Platten provided that special something on a Sunday night in the place she’s from. Sadly, there’s no setlist available online since this wasn’t a public event and the place wasn’t packed with diehard Rachel Platten fans like it would have been had tickets been sold – seriously though, how the place wasn’t full despite the somewhat-secret event (the concert was free with an RSVP) being absolutely free is beyond me, normally people come out in droves for free stuff – so it’s hard to go through the show song-by-song.

Platten did mention that she was playing a bunch of stuff from her forthcoming album, Waves, and there weren’t a ton of songs I recognized from the glimpse I was able to get at the setlist right before she came out, but the show did open with Stand By You and close with the song that put Rachel Platten on the map, Fight Song – both of which were perfectly timed in the setlist at a show for breast cancer survivors, while the rest of the setlist appeared to consist entirely of new songs off her upcoming album, including her new single Broken Glass, which just so happened to hit the radio here in NYC this week.

Last time Rachel Platten was in town, we tried to cover her show and had a hard time figuring out who to contact. With a little digging, we were able to make it happen this time and personally, I’ll take being part of something special every time. Covering her last tour would have been the same as covering any other show but this, this was different. This show had an extremely intimate vibe and was much more relaxed, and that made the entire experience better. On top of that, Platten is phenomenal live and might even be better in person than she is on any of her albums. This one was pretty cool to be part of.

Check out the photo gallery below: