REVIEW: Scotty McCreery Leaves NYC Asking for 5 More Minutes

When I started doing this with RockRoll Magazine back in 2015, I never imagined covering country music or even considered attending a country show. Fast forward 2 1/2 years and I’ve been to quite a few with even more on the horizon, and that trend continued with former American Idol winner Scotty McCreery as he played Gramercy Theater here in NYC for his Seasons Change album release show presented by Nash FMSeasons Change marks McCreery’s 4th album, only this time, he bet the house on his smash hit single 5 More Minutes and won with a song that will define his entire career.

I swear I have the setlist somewhere, but I can’t find it as I write this at midnight, so let’s just roll without it, mmkay? McCreery kicked things off with the new album’s title track, Seasons Change, Boys From Back HomeIn Between, a country cover of the Eagles classic Take It Easy (which was fantastic) and a mashup of old-school country tunes on a night where Scotty was officially launching his new record. There was an encore listed on the setlist, but I think the show got started a few minutes late and rather than go off stage and come back for the encore, McCreery ran through the entire set basically nonstop. I’m fine with that any time I’m at an upbeat show, no real reason to slow things down and take the fans out of it, so just keep playing and let the good times roll.

And so the good times did roll with 16 great tunes and a mashup of classic rock and country music at separate junctures in the night. He’s come a long way from American Idol and is one of only a handful of winners to have a career consisting of more than one album before fading into obscurity, but Scotty McCreery rocked Gramercy Theater with a performance that left everyone in the building wishing they had, well, five more minutes.

Photo gallery below: