REVIEW: Stryper Returns to NYC

Christian mettalers Stryper returned to NYC on Tuesday night in support of their new album God Damn Evil a year and a half after the band celebrated the 30th anniversary of To Hell With The Devil at the same venue, Gramercy Theater. Last time, they had 15-year-old Moriah Formica opening for them, who has since appeared on The Voice. This time, well, I skipped the opening act and went for Stryper.

Let’s cut right to the chase here: Stryper kicked off the show with  Yahweh from their 2015 album Fallen, followed by The Valley and then came Calling on You. Last time around, there were a handful of covers mixed in as the band as they were clad in their original striped leather getups; this time, it would be all Stryper’s own music, which is totally fine as they went through 20 songs  and played seemingly forever on what was still an early night by concert standards – they started right around 9 after some technical difficulties.

Stryper went on to play tunes like Soldiers Under Command, In God We Trust, Always There For You, The Way and God Damn Evil, the title track of the album they’re out promoting. The night concluded with, of course, To Hell With the Devil, and that was that. After seeing Stryper for the first time in 2016, show #2 was even better despite (or maybe due to) the lack of striped leather outfits. Michael Sweet & Co. still know how to rock despite getting older, and I’m still holding out hope of a To Hell With The Devil 50th anniversary tour in 19 years. Check out the gallery below: