REVIEW: Walk The Moon Hits the “Restart” Button in NYC

Pop-rockers Walk The Moon made good on their promise to reschedule previously canceled dates from their planned 2016 tour after frontman Nicholas Petricca was forced off the road due to family issues, and the group are finally back at it and touring in support of their new album What If NothingIt’s been quite a while, we were looking to cover Walk The Moon shortly after we launched and right up until the tour was officially canceled, so it was nice to get back out there for our first show of 2018 with these guys as they make their return to live performances as well

Walk The Moon, of course, are famous for Shut Up and Dance and Different Colors but also have a host of other tunes to run through as they offered up 18 in total at Hammerstein Ballroom here in NYC on Saturday night in front of what appeared to be a sold-out crowd, but it’s hard to tell at Hammerstein. Somehow, I missed the memo that Company of Thieves were opening, which is a damn shame because they’re always fun in their own right, but this night was about Walk The Moon anyway. The group wasted no time getting into things as they very appropriately kicked things off with the song that bears the name of the tour, Press Restart, along with fan-favorites Portugal and Lisa Baby.

It’s not often that we cover shows like this, I’m used to headbangers and crowdsurfers and being bombarded with both, not very tame crowds full of fans who are barely old enough to drink, and many of whom aren’t, and there obviously isn’t much intensity at a show like Walk The Moon. The fans absolutely loved every minute of it, though, as evidenced by the people way up in the nosebleeds who paid extra for a seat standing up and dancing around in the balconies as the band ran through tunes like Avalanche, Tightrope, Tiger Teeth, Headphones, their latest radio hit One Foot and, of course, Shut Up and Dance before the two-song encore of Up 2 U and Anna Sun put a bow on the whole thing.

It’s great to see Walk The Moon back out on the road after a yearly 18-month hiatus from touring, and with just about 6 weeks left on the North American leg and many, many dates packed into those weeks, many fans are going to be treated to quite the show from one of radio’s most popular bands. If you had the itch to see Walk The Moon way back in 2016, you’ll enjoy the Press Restart tour as the group hasn’t missed a step. Check out the photo gallery below, and pardon the abundance of wide-angle shots as I made this show my guinea pig for new lenses.