Top 5 Songs of the Week – 2/26

Originally published 2/26/16

Hey readers, here’s Soundboard Magazine’s second edition of “Top 5 Songs of the Week” – The 5 best songs from our mailbox from 2/19-2/25. This week’s selections include two local bands out of New York City, a new single from one of metal’s biggest supergroups, a metal band out of Texas and a solo track from the maestro of Black Label Society, none other than Zakk Wylde. Before we get into our top 5 songs for this week, let’s go over the criteria we use for selecting songs:

  1. The music, in most cases, will fall into one of the many rock or metal genres. We may occasionally include songs from some of the bigger pop acts that find their way to our mailbox, but for the most part this will be entirely rock and metal-centric.
  2. The songs must be NEW recordings. No remastered tracks, no re-issues, no remixes. We may run features or reviews on remixes from time to time, but for the purposes of our Top 5, we’ll be featuring new recordings only.
  3. All music featured here will have been received from Friday-Thursday at 3 PM, with the feature being published at 10 AM on Friday of each week. So, for example, for this week’s top 5, all songs were received between 2/19 and 2/25 at 3pm. For next week’s feature, we’ll start with songs received today ,2/26, and cut off our considerations next Thursday at 3pm.

Alright, that we’ve gotten the rules out of the way, let’s get into our Top 5 Songs of the Week for Friday, 2/26.


#5: Stone Cold Fox – Change My Mind

The #5 spot this week goes to the first of two local bands making an appearance in our Top 5. Brooklyn’s own indie-pop-rockers, Stone Cold Fox, released the song Change My Mind through Noisy recently, and we got wind of it earlier this week when it arrived in our inbox courtesy of Go Lightly Media. Change My Mind is off the band’s yet to be released EP, Tunnel Vision(release date TBA) and reminds me of something similar to early Phoenix songs- Give Change My Mind a listen on Soundcloud:

#4: Oceans of Slumber – Devout

Here’s other one for the category of “I love female-fronted bands”. Oceans of Slumber released the single Devout, off their soon to be released album Winter (release date 3/4). Oceans of Slumber is a prog metal band out of Houston, Tx, fronted by songstress Cammie Gilbert. They’re hitting the European circuit with My Dying Bride at the end of March, but for now, you can listen to Devout over on Youtube: 

#3: To Live as Wolves – Stalemate

Our other local entrant into this week’s Top 5, post-hardcore group To Live as Wolves come to us from Staten Island, NY. Stalemate features Davey Muise of hardcore punk band Vanna. Stalemate is the recently released single off To Live as Wolves’ forthcoming EP, Breakneck Road, to be released later this year. It follows the debut single Leech, and is a solid track in its own right, earning the band the #3 spot on our top 5. You can listen to Stalemate on the band’s Soundcloud page here:

#2 – Zakk Wylde – Sleeping Dogs

Zakk Wylde is back with new music off his forthcoming solo album, Book of Shadows II. The single Sleeping Dogs debuted this week, and is much more blues-based melodic rock than anything I’m used to hearing from the man behind Black Label Society’s powerful metal riffs. There isn’t much to say about Zakk Wylde, other than this song showcases his immense talent as a musician, living very much on the acoustic edge of rock when he’s known as a bad ass metal guitarist who has played with the likes of Ozzy Osbourne, among many others. Book of Shadows II releases April 8th. Listen to Sleeping Dogs on Youtube:

#1: Hellyeah – Human

Our top spot this week goes to heavy metal supergroup Hellyeah. Human, the bad ass single off the band’s as of yet untitled album, set to release sometime in 2016, just flat out rocks. With Mudvayne singer Chad Gray belting out his trademark powerhouse vocals, backed up by the drum beat of none other than Pantera’s Vinnie Paul, there’s no doubt Human deserves to be #1 this week, and I’m looking forward to hearing more off their fifth album once it gets a title and release date. You can check out the lyric video for Human at the link, and you should definitely do it. Like, right now:

That’s it for our second-ever Top 5 Songs of the Week. We’ll be back next Friday with another Top 5, and keep an eye out for some live coverage in between.