Top 5 Songs of the Week – 3/11

Originally published 3/11/16

It’s that time again, time for another edition of NoiseKC’s Top 5 Songs of the Week for Friday, 3/11, and no, 311 is not featured here. It’s been another tough week for new tracks, as I struggled to find 5 songs worthy of making the cut, with lots of death metal and metalcore that I just can’t get into, so I’m breaking my own rules again and including a pop song in this week’s Top 5. We do get to continue a trend though, two actually, with the inclusion of a female-fronted band that also happens to be local to New York.

As usual, all the songs listed below are new recordings. No remixes, no re-releases, no covers. Let’s get to it:

#5: Amanda Markley – Monster


The first pop song ever to be featured in Rockroll’s Top 5, Amanda Markley has been releasing cover after cover for a little bit now, including a cover of Halsey’s HurricaneMonster is her most recent original track, and is set to be released on her as of yet untitled LP sometime this year, release date TBA. From the press release: “This is a song about love, but about so much more than that. Monster’ is about getting totally caught up in a relationship and swept away. The lyrics in this song are a call to action to hold on tight to that true love and to fight for it with passion. Love can be a dangerous game like a ‘Monster,’ but you have to be brave and take on the thunder to see the sun.” – Amanda Markley. Check out Monster here.

#4: Cilver – Headstone


This week’s #4 brings us to our local band for the week, and also our female-fronted band as we continue the trend for the 4th consecutive week. I just like female-fronted bands for some reason, there’s just something about a woman singing to rock or metal that appeals to me. Cilver is no exception to that as they deliver a solid combination of hard rock and powerful vocals on their latest track, off their forthcoming album, Not The End of the World, set for release on 4/29. Check out Headstone and other songs at the band’s Soundcloud.

#3: Awaken The Shadow – The Hunter


Oh hey, look, another New York City band for this week’s feature. That makes two. Awaken The Shadow is a mix of pop-rock-punk, which is typical for the New York music scene these days. The Hunter is the first track off their debut album Life Beyond The Curse, which is out today. From the press release:  “We are so excited and proud to finally release the first single,” says singer Taylor Paul of the song. “The Hunter is from the point of view of someone who may or may not realize they are in an abusive relationship, be it mentally or physically. The idea that you’re so in love with this person that you can’t see yourself ever leaving, but at the same time knowing this person could be poison. All the while your significant other is always on the hunt looking for their own self-gratification, and doing whatever is necessary to keep their partner mentally caged.” Video for The Hunter here.

#2: All Hail The Yeti – Before The Flames


Hybrid hardcore metal band All Hail The Yeti take the #2 spot this week for their latest song, Before The Flames, and if I’m being honest, it’s mostly the extremely dark and creepy video for the song that pushed them up this high. I normally don’t like this type of music, but I can respect an infinitely bad ass video that takes no prisoners, and even if you don’t like the music, it’s worth checking out the song just to see the video, which is below. Before The Flames will be included on their upcoming album, Screams From a Black Wilderness, set for release on 4/8. Go check out the video below, but you might want to watch it with the lights on, and check under your bed first.

#1: OTEP – Zero

The #1 spot in this week’s Top 5 goes to the biggest band in this week’s Top 5. Otep takes it home for their newest song, Zero, off their forthcoming album Generation Doom, set to be released on 4/15. Otep have been at this for a while now, releasing 6 studio albums since they first came on the scene in 2000, and Generation Doom (their Napalm Records debut) follows up on 2013’s Hydra. Though I’ve never been much of a fan of OTEP’s music, Zero is a solid song by the heavy metal group, and when I found this in my inbox, I knew it was going to be #1 here this week. Check out the lyric video below.