Heart teamed up with METALLICA’s James Hetfield, and it’s AWESOME!

So, the Wilson sisters are back with the track Beautiful Broken, the debut track off their upcoming album of the same name. Now, by no means does anyone equate Heart with metal, they’ve always been kick ass classic rock, sometimes hard, sometimes not so hard, but they definitely have a history of teaming up with some big names in the metal business. They’ve previous hooked up with Jerry Cantrell, Dave Navarro and Duff McKagan, according to MetalSucks.

So, while having guest musicians is nothing new for the Wilson sisters, teaming up with James Hetfield is still all kinds of awesome, if you’re a fan of either Heart or Metallica, or both like myself. Needless to say, I’m a fan of Beautiful Broken, simply because it’s a good song; what makes it even better is the addition of Hetfield on guest vocals. You can check out the video below. The album is available for preorder now, and will release by way of Concord on July 8th.

Header image credit: MetalSucks.net