Top 5 Songs of the Week – 3/4

Originally published 3/4/16

It’s time for another edition of Soundboard Magazine’s Top 5 Songs of the Week, for the week ending March 4th. It’s been a bit of a slow week for new music, but we do have a new single from SIXX A.M, as well as a new track from a sister act (noticing a trend?) and another local band out of New York to rank this week. As usual, all songs featured here are new recordings and came to us within the last week, so that means no remixes, no re-issues, no covers and no nonsense. Let’s get on with this week’s Top 5.

#5 – The Dose – Cold Hands

Kicking us off this week is grunge-rock duo The Dose. Idio Downey and Ralph Alexander combine to form a rather unique rock duo, with Downey providing guitar and vocals while Alexanders plays bass and pounds the drum kit. What makes these guys interesting is the fact that they’re able to produce a sound all their own despite not having dedicated bass and rhythm guitarists, instead using digital playback or backing tracks to complete their sound. Somehow this meshes well, well enough to earn the duo a spot in our Top 5. Check out the video for Cold Hands below:

#4 Devour The Day – Lighting In The Sky

I did say it was a bit of a slow week for new music, and I’m going to cheat a little on this one. While this song didn’t make it to our mailbox, Devour The Day did release their latest single Lightning In The Sky from their forthcoming album, R.O.A.R. I saw Devour The Day live last year while they were touring with All That Remains, and had a chance to meet the guys after their set. They’re quite the talented group, but that was evident way back when Blake Allison and Joey Chicago were part of hard rocker group Egypt Central. Lightning In The Sky is just too good to not include in this week’s top 5, and since I couldn’t find 5 songs in our inbox better than this, why not? Go check out the video for Lightning In The Sky on Vevo.

#3: Good English – Girl

Here’s a surprise, I’ve included another female-fronted band in my Top 5 each of our first 3 weeks now. The difference here is that Good English is an all-female grunge-pop group, and not just any all-female group. All three members of Good English are sisters, and they’re set to release their self-titled full-length album in exactly one week (3/11) – The Rasmussen sisters are certainly a talented group, and I’m looking forward to hearing more from them after listening to Girl twice as I write this. Who says grunge is dead? Do yourself a favor and head over to Good English’s Soundcloud and listen to Girl.

#2: The Energy – When We Were Young

This week’s local entry into the Top 5 is a Brooklyn-based rock group called The Energy. The Energy are set to release their 5th studio album later this year (release date TBA), and When We Were Young is not only the first single off that album, it’s also the title track. This is a very solid single from a band that’s been making some noise in the local scene after touring with the likes of Eve 6 and 3 Doors Down, and they appear set to move on to bigger things this year. Fun fact: The Energy were the headline act for the 2011 New York Marathon. Check out When We Were Young over on Soundcloud: When We Were Young

#1: SIXX A.M. – Rise

No shocker here, Nikki Sixx’s side-project-turned-main-project, SIXX A.M, takes our top spot this week for their latest single, Rise, off their forthcoming album Prayers For The Damned (4/29). Sixx, fresh off Motley Crue’s final tour, is back with DJ Ashba and James Micheal to release their fourth studio album and follow up to 2014’s Modern Vintage. Now that Nikki Sixx can dedicate the full sum of his recording and touring time to Sixx A.M, I’m looking forward to big things from these guys in the years to come. They’re heading out on the road later this year, including MMRBQ down in Camden, NJ. Get your first taste of their new music on the iHeartRadio World Premiers station, though you’ll need to create an account or log in with Facebook.

That’s it for this week’s Top 5 Songs of the Week. Check back next Friday as we do it all again.