An Update from Soundboard Magazine


Hey there,

First off, I’d like to thank you for reading the site and making Soundboard Magazine your source for the hottest music news and live concert coverage. As you may have noticed, we’re rebranding the site and a lot of content disappeared. We’re in the process of getting some of that content back online, while also working to bring you new content and more live concert photos and reviews. This has been a bit of a process and, while we’re working every day to get the site fully functional once again, it’s taking longer than anticipated. While working to bring the site back online, we’ve also had to re-launch our Facebook page from scratch, so there’s minimal content there right now, and we’re also launching a Twitter account that will feed into our Facebook page whenever we publish content. We’re also working with a graphic designer on a new logo for the website and social media accounts as we rebrand and relaunch, and that should be ready in the coming days.

We’re going to be publishing some new content in the coming days, albeit a few days late, but the hope is that within the next 2 weeks, we’ll be back to full speed and bringing you the latest news as it breaks, along with covering upcoming concerts in the New York City area. In addition to publishing new content, we’ll slowly be bringing back an old favorite, the Top 5 Songs of the Week feature we ran up until March, where we scour our inbox for the latest music from artists you may not have heard of yet. The goal is to revive that weekly feature by the first Friday in August, but we’ll bring it back earlier if at all possible. We’ll also be adding a new feature that we’re tentatively calling Local Artist Spotlight. It’s as straightforward as it sounds, we’ll be highlighting a band or musician from the New York City area, hopefully to include both an interview and live photo coverage, that we’ll run for either a week, 2 weeks or an entire month (we’re still working out the details) and we’re hoping to launch the feature by the Fall.

In the meantime, we ask that you stick with us while we bring the site back up to speed and get back to doing what we love – covering music, whether it’s the biggest bands in the world or a band you don’t know you love yet. Thanks again for hanging in there while we go through this change, we’re excited to be back and looking towards the future. We promise to be up and running at full speed very, very soon.

– The Soundboard Magazine Team